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Periodic Structural Inspection (PSI) on Sentosa Island

Structural defects in a building can occur over time due to deterioration, wear and tear, overloading, and poor maintenance. They must be repaired to maintain the building's structure and to prevent failures. Regular inspection is the key to protecting the health of a building's structure.

TSM C&S Consultants were appointed by Sentosa to conduct the regular PSI on their 94 various buildings such as Bunkers, old Colonial Buildings, Waterfront Stations and many more. This is to ensure that the buildings are safe and structural sound, for the continual use of the community there.

Other than that, TSM also worked on the Sentosa Monorail vehicle and its structural tracks. As the monorail is heavily used, TSM looked in depth on the whole monorail system which includes the bearings. This is crucial to ensure that the monorail and its structure system is safe.

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